JLR to publish five articles in 2016 symposium issue

The Michigan Journal of Law Reform is proud to be publishing five articles written in conjunction with its 2016 Symposium, “At a Crossroads: The Future of the Death Penalty,” in the fourth issue of JLR‘s Volume 49. This issue will be in print during summer 2016.

  • The Firing Squad as “A Known and Available Alternative Method of Execution” Post-Glossip
    • Deborah W. Denno, Arthur A. McGivney Professor of Law and Director, Neuroscience and Law Center, Fordham University School of Law
  • Retention and Reform in Japanese Capital Punishment
    • David T. Johnson, Professor of Sociology and Adjunct Professor of Law, University of Hawaii at Manoa
  • A Legal Obituary for Ramiro
    • Sheri Lynn Johnson, Associate Dean for Public Engagement and the James and Mark Flanagan Professor of Law, Cornell Law School
  • Transparency and Comparative Executive Clemency: Global Lessons for Pardon Reform in the United States
    • Andrew Novak, Adjunct Professor of Criminology, Law, and Society, George Mason University
  • The Incremental Retributive Impact of a Death Sentence over Life Without Parole
    • Michael L. Radelet, Professor of Sociology and Faculty Associate, Institute of Behavioral Science, University of Colorado, Boulder

The 2016 Symposium will take place on Saturday, February 6, 2016, and will run from approximately 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. For more information on the Symposium, please contact Lauren DesRosiers, Managing Symposium Editor, at lmdesros@umich.edu.