A Prospectus For Reform

The interests of this journal are not focused narrowly on any particular areas of law reform. It will be concerned with issues relating to the improvement of both private law and public law, judicial administration, law enforcement, administrative regulation, and much more. In short, it seeks to promote the improvement of law and its administration in all areas in which needs are disclosed and in which useful proposals can be advanced. No doubt, many of the problems to be discussed will be those with an important local impact. One of the interesting developments of our times is the degree to which the principal problems of our domestic policy involve interests that are immediate and local- problems of local government and the quality of life in our cities, the control and prevention of crime, the physical environment in which men work and live. But the journal’s attention to local problems does not imply a parochial orientation. Michigan problems will be grist for the mill; but, at the same time, its interests will not be limited by state or regional boundaries. Finally, the approach will be essentially practical. The emphasis will be on practical problems and practical solutions.