Tim Mackey & Bryan A. Liang
Off-Label Promotion Reform: A Legislative Proposal Addressing Vulnerable Patient Drug Access and Limiting Inappropriate Pharmaceutical Marketing (PDF)

Kristin J. Johnson
Addressing Gaps in the Dodd-Frank Act: Directors’ Risk Management Oversight Obligations (PDF)

Jared Ruiz Bybee
Fair Lending 2.0: A Borrower-Based Solution to Discrimination in Mortgage Lending (PDF)

Douglas J. Bench, Jr.
Collateral Review of Career Offender Sentences: The Case for Coram Nobis (PDF)


Vivian Chang
Where Do We Go from Here: Plea Colloquy Warnings and Immigration Consequences Post–Padilla (PDF)

Amy Livingston
Employee Free Choice: Amplifying Employee Voice without Silencing Employers: A Proposal for Reforming the National Labor Relations Act (PDF)




Jason R. Bent
The Telltale Sign of Discrimination: Probabilities, Information Asymmetry, and the Systemic Disparate Treatment Theory (PDF)

Adam Candeub & Mae Kuykendall
Modernizing Marriage (PDF)

Chad Flanders
What Do We Want in a Presidential Primary? An Election Law Perspective (PDF)

MaryBeth Musumeci
Augmenting Advocacy: Giving Voice to the Medical-Legal Pertnership Model in Medicaid Proceedings and Beyond (PDF)


Karen Cullinane
Protecting Anonymous Expression: The Internet’s Role in Washing State’s Disclosure Laws and the Direct Democracy Process (PDF)

Kerry L. Monroe
Purpose and Effects: Viewpoint-Discriminatory Closure of a Designated Public Forum (PDF)

Anastasia N. Niedrich
Emphasizing Substance: Making the Case for a Shift in Political Speech Jurisprudence (PDF)