Volume 55 Issue 2 Spring 2022


Textualism and the Indian Canons of Statutory Construction (pdf)
Alex Tallchief Skibine

Weathering State and Local Budget Storms: Fiscal Federalism with an Uncooperative Congress (pdf)
David Gamage, Darien Shanske, Gladriel Shobe, & Adam Thimmesch

The Times They Are A-Changin’?: #MeToo and Our Movement Forward (pdf)
Terry Morehead Dworkin & Cindy A. Schipani

Trading Pain for Gain: Addressing Misaligned Interests in Prescription Drug Benefit Administration (pdf)
Sheva J. Sanders & Jessica C. Wheeler


Take It with a Grain (or More) of Salt: Why Industry-Backed Dietary Guidelines Fail Americans and How To Fix Them. (pdf)
Caroline Farrington

The Fed of the Future: A Framework to Optimize Short-Term Lending Practices (pdf)
Emma Macfarlane & Karin Thrasher

Volume 55 Issue 1 Fall 2021


“That Name Is Dead to Me”: Reforming Name Change Laws to Protect Transgender and Nonbinary Youth (pdf)
Sarah Steadman

Lessons from the Pandemic: Congress Must Act to Mandate Digital Accessibility for the Disabled Community (pdf)
Shawn Grant

Black Lawyers Matter: Enduring Racism in American Law Firms (pdf)
Vitor M. Dias

Blue Racing: The Racialization of Police in Hate Crime Statutes (pdf)
Christopher Williams

Emergency Money: Lessons from the Paycheck Protection Program (pdf)
Susan C. Morse


Federal-State Partnership: How the Federal Government Should Better Support Its State Unemployment Insurance Offices in Times of Crisis
Maddie McFee