Volume 54 Issue 3 Spring 2021


White Tape and Indian Wards: Removing the Federal Bureaucracy to Empower Tribal Economies and Self-Government (pdf)
Adam Crepelle

Impostor Scams (pdf)
David Adam Friedman

The Rental Crisis Will Not Be Televised: The Case for Protecting Tenants Under Consumer Protection Regimes (pdf) (Appendix A) (Appendix B)
Eric Sirota

The Ragged Edge of Rugged Individualism: Wage Theft and the Personalization of Social Harm (pdf)
Matthew Fritz-Mauer


Conflict Preemption: A Remedy for the Disparate Impact of Crime-Free Nuisance Ordinances (pdf)
Meredith Joseph

Volume 54 Issue 2 Winter 2021


Smart Cars, Telematics and Repair (pdf)
Leah Chan Grinvald & Ofer Tur-Sinai

Government Ethics in the Age of Trump (pdf)
Adam Raviv

Prosecuting Executive Branch Wrongdoing (pdf)
Julian A. Cook, III

Publish, Share, Re-Tweet, and Repeat (pdf)
Michal Lavi


Seamen, Railroad Employees, and Uber Drivers: Applying the Section 1 Exemption in the Federal Arbitration Act to Rideshare Drivers (pdf)
Conor Bradley