Volume 49, Issue 2 Winter 2016



Jamie R. Abrams
Debunking the Myth of Universal Male Privilege (pdf)

Mark Glover
Minimizing Probate-Error Risk (pdf)

Kenya J.H. Smith
Charitable Choices: The Need for a Uniform Nonprofit Limited Liability Company Act (UNLLCA) (pdf)

Len Niehoff and Ashley Messenger
Milkovich v. Lorain Journal Twenty-Five Years Later: The Slow, Quiet, and Troubled Demise of Liar Libel (pdf)


Richard Lorren Jolly
Think of the Children: Using IIED to Reformulate Disturbing Speech Restrictions (pdf)

Victoria Peng
Astroturf Campaigns: Transparency in Telecom Merger Review (pdf)


Volume 49, Issue 1 Fall 2015



Carl T. Bogus
The New Road to Serfdom: The Curse of Bigness and the Failure of Antitrust (pdf)

Jessica Mantel
Spending Medicare’s Dollars Wisely: Taking Aim at Hospitals’ Cultures of Overtreatment (pdf)

Erika L. Wood
One Significant Step: How Reforms to Prison Districts Begin to Address Political Inequality (pdf)

Collin Schueler
An Administrative Stopgap for Migrants from the Northern Triangle (pdf)


Nicholas Jackson
When Is an Agency a Court? A Modified Functional Approach to State Agency Removal Under 28 U.S.C. § 1441 (pdf)

Volume 48, Issue 4 Summer 2015



Philip L. Torrey
Rethinking Immigration’s Mandatory Detention Regime: Politics, Profit, and the Meaning of “Custody” (pdf)

Michael Kagan
Immigrant Victims, Immigrant Accusers (pdf)

Kevin R. Johnson
Racial Profiling in the War on Drugs Meets the Immigration Removal Process: The Case of Moncrieffe v. Holder (pdf)

Sabrineh Ardalan
Access to Justice for Asylum Seekers: Developing an Effective Model of Holistic Asylum Representation (pdf)


Claudia Arno
Proportional Response: The Need for More—And More Standardized—Veterans’ Courts (pdf)

Stephen McInerney
Can You Diagnose Me Now? A Proposal to Modify the FDA’s Regulation of Smartphone Mobile Health Applications with a Pre-Market Notification and Application Database Program (pdf)

Volume 48, Issue 3 Spring 2015



Kristen van de Biezenbos
A Sea Change in Creditor Priorities (pdf)

Andrew V. Moshirnia and Aaron T. Dozeman
In All Fairness: Using Political Broadcast Access Doctrine to Tailor Public Campaign Fund Matching (pdf)

Cheryl B. Preston and Hilary Lawrence
Incentivizing Lawyers to Play Nice: A National Survey of Civility Standards and Options for Enforcement (pdf)

Benjamin Shmueli
Legal Pluralism in Tort Law Theory: Balancing Instrumental Theories and Corrective Justice (pdf)


Richard Lorren Jolly
Between the Ceiling and the Floor: Making the Case for Required Disclosure of High-Low Agreements to Juries (pdf)

Blake Harrison
Expanding the Renewable Energy Industry Through Tax Subsidies Using the Structure and Rationale of Traditional Energy Tax Subsidies (pdf)

Volume 48, Issue 2 Winter 2015



Seema K. Shah
Piercing the Veil: The Limits of Brain Death as a Legal Fiction (PDF)

Kevin Bennardo
Post-Sentencing Appellate Waivers (PDF)

Michal Shur-Ofry and Ofer Tur-Sinai
Constructive Ambiguity: IP Licenses as a Case Study (PDF)

Anders Kaye
Excuses in Exile (PDF)


Peter B. Baumhart
Social Media and the Job Market: How to Reconcile Applicant Privacy with Employer Needs (PDF)

Priyah Kaul
Admit or Deny: A Call for Reform of the SEC’s “Neither-Admit-Nor-Deny” Policy (PDF)

Nathan R. Schuur
Fraud is Already Illegal: Section 621 of the Dodd-Frank Act in the Context of the Securities Laws (PDF)

Volume 48, Issue 1 Fall 2014



Omri Marian
Reconciling Tax Law and Securities Regulation (PDF)

Hosea H. Harvey
Opening Schumer’s Box: The Empirical Foundations of Modern Consumer Finance Disclosure Law (PDF)

Saru M. Matambanadzo
The Fourth Trimester (PDF)

Terrance O’Reilly
A Public Pensions Bailout: Economics and Law (PDF)


Javier J. Castro
Employment Arbitration Reform: Preserving the Right to Class Proceedings in Workplace Disputes (PDF)

Michael J. Powers
Designing a Flexible World for the Many: “Essential Functions” and Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act (PDF)

Volume 47, Issue 4 Summer 2014



Michael E. Rosman
The Quixotic Search for Race-Neutral Alternatives (PDF)

john a. powell and Stephen Menendian
Fisher v. Texas: The Limits of Exhaustion and the Future of Race-Conscious University Admissions (PDF)

Sheryll Cashin
Place, Not Race: Affirmative Action and the Geography of Educational Opportunity (PDF)

Richard Sander and Aaron Danielson
Thinking Hard About “Race-Neutral” Admissions (PDF)

Philip Tegeler
The “Compelling Government Interest” in School Diversity: Rebuilding the Case for an Affirmative Government Role (PDF)


Rebecca Edwalds
Restructuring Local School Wellness Policies: Amending the Kids Act to Fight Childhood Obesity (PDF)


Volume 47.4 (PDF)

Volume 47, Issue 3 Spring 2014




Katherine L. Record and Lawrence O. Gostin
What Will it Take? Terrorism, Mass Murder, Gang Violence, and Suicides: The American Way, or Do We Strive for a Better Way? (PDF)

Veronica Root
Retaining Color (PDF)

Anne Yantus
Sentence Creep: Increasing Penalties in Michigan and the Need for Sentencing Reform (PDF)

Tiffany R. Murphy
Futility of Exhaustion: Why Brady Claims Should Trump Federal Exhaustion Requirements (PDF)

Karen Syma Czapanskiy
Special Kids, Special Parents, Special Education (PDF)

Shaakirrah R. Sanders
Making the Right Call for Confrontation at Felony Sentencing (PDF)


Emily Himes Iversen
Invading the Realm of the Dead: Exploring the (Im)Propriety of Punitive Damage Awards Against Estates (PDF)

John Patrick Clayton
The Two Faces of Janus: The Jurisprudential Past and New Beginning of Rule 10b-5 (PDF)

Volume 47, Issue 2 Winter 2013




Katharine T. Schaffzin
Sweet Caroline: The Backslide From Federal Rule of Evidence 613(b) to the Rule in Queen Caroline’s Case (PDF)

Jeffrey H. Kahn
The Individual Mandate Tax Penalty (PDF)

Marie A. Failinger
Parallel Justice: Creating Causes of Action for Mandatory Mediation (PDF)

Eike G. Hosemann
Protecting Freedom of Testation: A Proposal For Law Reform (PDF)

Meredith L. Schalick
Bio Family 2.0: Can the American Child Welfare System Finally Find Permanency for “Legal Orphans” with a Statute to Reinstate Parental Rights? (PDF)


Shira E. Gordon
Solitary Confinement, Public Safety, and Recidivism (PDF)

Anne McGinnis
Ridding the Law of Outdated Statutory Exemptions to Antitrust Law: A Proposal for Reform (PDF)

Volume 47, Issue 1 Fall 2013




Jill E. Family
Easing the Guidance Document Dilemma Agency by Agency: Immigration Law and Not Really Binding Rules (PDF)

Harold J. Krent
Retroactivity and Crack Sentencing Reform (PDF)

D. Wendy Greene
Categorically Black, White, or Wrong: “Misperception Discrimination” and the State of Title VII Protection (PDF)

David B. Kopel, Clayton E. Cramer & Joseph Edward Olson
Knives and the Second Amendment (PDF)


Cali Cope-Kasten
It’s Time to Start Showing a Little Restraint: In Search of a Compromise on Federal Seclusion and Restraint Legislation (PDF)

Meegan Brooks
For Nontraditional Names’ Sake: A Call to Reform the Name-Change Process for Marrying Couples (PDF)