Volume 45 Issue 4 – Summer 2012




Lawrence W. Waggoner
Why I Do Law Reform (PDF)

Lawrence A. Frolik & Linda S. Whitton
The UPC Substituted Judgment/Best Interest Standard for Guardian Decisions: A Proposal for Reform (PDF)

Thomas P. Gallanis & Josephine Gittler
Family Caregiving and the Law of Succession: A Proposal (PDF)

Susan N. Gary
The Probate Definition of Family: A Proposal for Guided Discretion in Intestacy (PDF)

Louise Lark Hill
Fiduciary Duties and Exculpatory Clauses: Clash of the Titans or Cozy Bedfellows? (PDF)

Daniel B. Kelly
Toward Economic Analysis of the Uniform Probate Code (PDF)

Kristine S. Knaplund
Children of Assisted Reproduction (PDF)

Shelly Kreiczer-Levy
Deliberative Accountability Rules in Inheritance Law: Promoting Accountable Estate Planning (PDF)

John H. Martin
Non-Judicial Estate Settlement (PDF)

Paula A. Monopoli
Toward Equality: Nonmarital Children and the Uniform Probate Code (PDF)


Lindsey Trainor Golden
Embracing Tribal Sovereignty to Eliminate Criminal Jurisdiction Chaos (PDF)




Chrystin Ondersma
Undocumented Debtors (PDF)

Dora W. Klein
When Coercion Lacks Care: Competency to Make Medical Treatment Decisions and Parens Patriae Civil Commitments (PDF)

Kate Aschenbrenner
Discretionary (In)Justice: The Exercise of Discretion in Claims for Asylum (PDF)

Scott F. Llewellyn & Brian Hawkins
Taking the English Right to Counsel Seriously in American “Civil Gideon” Litigation (PDF)


Rachel Burg
Note: Un-Convicting the Innocent: The Case for Shaken Baby Syndrome Review Panels (PDF)

Thomas Richard Stasi
Reform that Understands our Seniors: How Interdisciplinary Services Can Help Solve the Capacity Riddle in Elder Law (PDF)




Meghan J. Ryan
Remedying Wrongful Execution (PDF)

Julia Halloran McLaughlin
Exploring the First Amendment Rights of Teens in Relationship to Sexting and Censorship (PDF)

Bradley E. Abruzzi
Copyright and the Vagueness Doctrine (PDF)

Gideon Mark
Federal Discovery Stays (PDF)


Paul Caritj
Tortious Interference with the Expectancy of Entitlement Benefits (PDF)

Ceridwen Cherry
Increasing Youth Participation: The Case for a National Voter Pre-Registration Law (PDF)




Tim Mackey & Bryan A. Liang
Off-Label Promotion Reform: A Legislative Proposal Addressing Vulnerable Patient Drug Access and Limiting Inappropriate Pharmaceutical Marketing (PDF)

Kristin J. Johnson
Addressing Gaps in the Dodd-Frank Act: Directors’ Risk Management Oversight Obligations (PDF)

Jared Ruiz Bybee
Fair Lending 2.0: A Borrower-Based Solution to Discrimination in Mortgage Lending (PDF)

Douglas J. Bench, Jr.
Collateral Review of Career Offender Sentences: The Case for Coram Nobis (PDF)


Vivian Chang
Where Do We Go from Here: Plea Colloquy Warnings and Immigration Consequences Post–Padilla (PDF)

Amy Livingston
Employee Free Choice: Amplifying Employee Voice without Silencing Employers: A Proposal for Reforming the National Labor Relations Act (PDF)