Volume 46, Issue 4 Summer 2013



Robert G. Bone
Walking the Class Action Maze: Toward a More Functional Rule 23 (PDF)

Catherine M. Sharkey
The Future of Class Wide Punitive Damages (PDF)

David Korn & David Rosenberg
Concepcion‘s Pro-Defendant Biasing of the Arbitration Process: The Class Counsel Solution (PDF)

Janet Cooper Alexander
To Skin a Cat: Qui Tam Actions  as a State Legislative Response to Concepcion (PDF)

Cindy A Schipani & Terry Morehead Dworkin
Class Action Litigation After Dukes: In Search of a Remedy for Gender Discrimination in Employment (PDF)

Patrick M. Hanlon
An Experiment in Law Reform: Amchem Products v. Windsor (PDF)

Dana M. Muir, Junhai Liu, and Haiyan Xu
The Future of Securities Class Actions Against Foreign Companies: China and Comity Concerns (PDF)


Max Hensley
Power to the People: Why we Need Full Federal Preemption of Electrical Transmission Regulation (PDF)

Volume 46, Issue 3 Spring 2013




Ariana R. Levinson
What the Awards Tell Us About Labor Arbitration of Employment-Discrimination Claims (PDF)

Jayesh M. Rathod
The Transformative Potential of Attorney Bilingualism (PDF)

Sandeep Vaheesan
Market Power in Power Markets: The Filed-Rate Doctrine and Competition in Electricity (PDF)

James J. White
Taxing the Platypygous (PDF)

Jennifer L. Pomeranz
Taxing Food and Beverage Products: A New Strategy for Prevention (PDF)


Benjamin Holland Able
Model-Based Pricing in Hurricane Insurance: A Case Study for Judicial Reform of the McCarran-Ferguson Act (PDF)

Allison L. Waks
Federal Incarceration by Contract in a Post–Minneci World: Legislation to Equalize the Constitutional Rights of Prisoners (PDF)




Robert W. Emerson
Franchise Goodwill: Take a Sad Song and Make It Better (PDF)

Colette Routel and Jeffrey Holth
Toward Genuine Tribal Consultation in the 21st Century (PDF)

Nicholas Georgakopoulos
An Insurance Structure to Encourage Investment in Preventive Health Care (PDF)

Mark R. Kravitz, David F. Levi, Lee H. Rosenthal & Anthony J. Scirica
They Were Made for Each Other: Professor Edward Cooper and the Rules Enabling Act (PDF)

Stephen B. Burbank
Thinking, Big and Small (PDF)

Paul D. Carrington
Protecting the Right of Citizens to Aggregate Small Claims Against Businesses (PDF)

Daniel R. Coquillette
Past the Pillars of Hercules: Francis Bacon and the Science of Rulemaking (PDF)

Steven S. Gensler
Ed Cooper, Rule 56, and Charles E. Clark’s Fountain of Youth (PDF)

Geoffrey C. Hazard, Jr.
Edward Cooper as Curator of the Civil Rules (PDF)

Patrick E. Higginbotham
Iron Man of the Rules (PDF)

Mary Kay Kane
Professor Edward Cooper: The Quintessential Reporter (PDF)

Richard Marcus
Shoes That Did Not Drop (PDF)

Arthur R. Miller
Some Very Personal Reflections on the Rules, Rulemaking, and Reporters (PDF)

Linda S. Mullenix
Professor Ed Cooper: Zen Minimalist (PDF)

Paul V. Niemeyer
Is Now the Time for Simplified Rules of Civil Procedure? (PDF)

Thomas D. Rowe, Jr.
The Twelve-Person Federal Civil Jury in Exile (PDF)

Catherine T. Struve
What Ed Cooper Has Taught Me About the Realities and Complexities of Appellate Jurisdiction and Procedure (PDF)


Joanna R. Lampe
A Victimless Sex Crime: The Case for Decriminalizing Consensual Teen Sexting (PDF)

Patrick A. Thronson
Toward Comprehensive Reform of America’s Emergency Law Regime (PDF)

Compendium of National Emergency Powers (PDF)




Stewart M. Young
Going Nowhere “Fast” (or “Furious”): The Nonexistent U.S. Firearms Trafficking Statute and the Rise of Mexican Drug Cartel Violence (PDF)

Colleen Baker
The Federal Reserve as Last Resort (PDF)

Gerrit M. Beckhaus
A New Prescription to Balance Secrecy and Disclosure in Drug-Approval Processes (PDF)

Paul Campos
The Crisis of the American Law School (PDF)

Kyle P. McEntee, Patrick J. Lynch & Derek M. Tokaz
The Crisis in Legal Education: Dabbling in Disaster Planning (PDF)


Kelsey Breck
Closing the Regulatory Gap in Michigan’s Public Trust Doctrine: Saving Michigan Millions with Statutory Reform (PDF)

Yariv Pierce
Put the Town on Notice: School District Liability and LGBT Bullying Notification Laws (PDF)

Volume 45 Issue 4 – Summer 2012




Lawrence W. Waggoner
Why I Do Law Reform (PDF)

Lawrence A. Frolik & Linda S. Whitton
The UPC Substituted Judgment/Best Interest Standard for Guardian Decisions: A Proposal for Reform (PDF)

Thomas P. Gallanis & Josephine Gittler
Family Caregiving and the Law of Succession: A Proposal (PDF)

Susan N. Gary
The Probate Definition of Family: A Proposal for Guided Discretion in Intestacy (PDF)

Louise Lark Hill
Fiduciary Duties and Exculpatory Clauses: Clash of the Titans or Cozy Bedfellows? (PDF)

Daniel B. Kelly
Toward Economic Analysis of the Uniform Probate Code (PDF)

Kristine S. Knaplund
Children of Assisted Reproduction (PDF)

Shelly Kreiczer-Levy
Deliberative Accountability Rules in Inheritance Law: Promoting Accountable Estate Planning (PDF)

John H. Martin
Non-Judicial Estate Settlement (PDF)

Paula A. Monopoli
Toward Equality: Nonmarital Children and the Uniform Probate Code (PDF)


Lindsey Trainor Golden
Embracing Tribal Sovereignty to Eliminate Criminal Jurisdiction Chaos (PDF)




Chrystin Ondersma
Undocumented Debtors (PDF)

Dora W. Klein
When Coercion Lacks Care: Competency to Make Medical Treatment Decisions and Parens Patriae Civil Commitments (PDF)

Kate Aschenbrenner
Discretionary (In)Justice: The Exercise of Discretion in Claims for Asylum (PDF)

Scott F. Llewellyn & Brian Hawkins
Taking the English Right to Counsel Seriously in American “Civil Gideon” Litigation (PDF)


Rachel Burg
Note: Un-Convicting the Innocent: The Case for Shaken Baby Syndrome Review Panels (PDF)

Thomas Richard Stasi
Reform that Understands our Seniors: How Interdisciplinary Services Can Help Solve the Capacity Riddle in Elder Law (PDF)




Meghan J. Ryan
Remedying Wrongful Execution (PDF)

Julia Halloran McLaughlin
Exploring the First Amendment Rights of Teens in Relationship to Sexting and Censorship (PDF)

Bradley E. Abruzzi
Copyright and the Vagueness Doctrine (PDF)

Gideon Mark
Federal Discovery Stays (PDF)


Paul Caritj
Tortious Interference with the Expectancy of Entitlement Benefits (PDF)

Ceridwen Cherry
Increasing Youth Participation: The Case for a National Voter Pre-Registration Law (PDF)




Tim Mackey & Bryan A. Liang
Off-Label Promotion Reform: A Legislative Proposal Addressing Vulnerable Patient Drug Access and Limiting Inappropriate Pharmaceutical Marketing (PDF)

Kristin J. Johnson
Addressing Gaps in the Dodd-Frank Act: Directors’ Risk Management Oversight Obligations (PDF)

Jared Ruiz Bybee
Fair Lending 2.0: A Borrower-Based Solution to Discrimination in Mortgage Lending (PDF)

Douglas J. Bench, Jr.
Collateral Review of Career Offender Sentences: The Case for Coram Nobis (PDF)


Vivian Chang
Where Do We Go from Here: Plea Colloquy Warnings and Immigration Consequences Post–Padilla (PDF)

Amy Livingston
Employee Free Choice: Amplifying Employee Voice without Silencing Employers: A Proposal for Reforming the National Labor Relations Act (PDF)




Jason R. Bent
The Telltale Sign of Discrimination: Probabilities, Information Asymmetry, and the Systemic Disparate Treatment Theory (PDF)

Adam Candeub & Mae Kuykendall
Modernizing Marriage (PDF)

Chad Flanders
What Do We Want in a Presidential Primary? An Election Law Perspective (PDF)

MaryBeth Musumeci
Augmenting Advocacy: Giving Voice to the Medical-Legal Pertnership Model in Medicaid Proceedings and Beyond (PDF)


Karen Cullinane
Protecting Anonymous Expression: The Internet’s Role in Washing State’s Disclosure Laws and the Direct Democracy Process (PDF)

Kerry L. Monroe
Purpose and Effects: Viewpoint-Discriminatory Closure of a Designated Public Forum (PDF)

Anastasia N. Niedrich
Emphasizing Substance: Making the Case for a Shift in Political Speech Jurisprudence (PDF)