Volume 55 Issue 1 Fall 2021


“That Name Is Dead to Me”: Reforming Name Change Laws to Protect Transgender and Nonbinary Youth (pdf)
Sarah Steadman

Lessons from the Pandemic: Congress Must Act to Mandate Digital Accessibility for the Disabled Community (pdf)
Shawn Grant

Black Lawyers Matter: Enduring Racism in American Law Firms (pdf)
Vitor M. Dias

Blue Racing: The Racialization of Police in Hate Crime Statutes (pdf)
Christopher Williams

Emergency Money: Lessons from the Paycheck Protection Program (pdf)
Susan C. Morse


Federal-State Partnership: How the Federal Government Should Better Support Its State Unemployment Insurance Offices in Times of Crisis
Maddie McFee

Volume 54 Issue 4 Summer 2021


How the Rational Basis Test Protects Policing for Profit (pdf)
William R. Maurer

Debt to Society: The Role of Fines & Fees Reform in Dismantling the Carceral State (pdf)
Wesley Dozier and Daniel Kiel

Driver’s License Suspension for Unpaid Fines and Fees: The Movement for Reform (pdf)
Joni Hirsch and Priya Sarathy Jones

What the Great Recession Revealed About Taxation by Citation and What Can Be Done About It (pdf)
Dick M. Carpenter II, Chelsea Lawson, and Courtney Deuser


Prohibiting the Punishment of Poverty: The Abolition of Wealth-Based Criminal Disenfranchisement (pdf)
Amy Ciardiello

Dismantling Policing for Profit: How to Build on Missouri’s Post-Ferguson Court Reforms (pdf)
Samuel Lev Rubinstein

Volume 54 Issue 3 Spring 2021


White Tape and Indian Wards: Removing the Federal Bureaucracy to Empower Tribal Economies and Self-Government (pdf)
Adam Crepelle

Impostor Scams (pdf)
David Adam Friedman

The Rental Crisis Will Not Be Televised: The Case for Protecting Tenants Under Consumer Protection Regimes (pdf) (Appendix A) (Appendix B)
Eric Sirota

The Ragged Edge of Rugged Individualism: Wage Theft and the Personalization of Social Harm (pdf)
Matthew Fritz-Mauer


Conflict Preemption: A Remedy for the Disparate Impact of Crime-Free Nuisance Ordinances (pdf)
Meredith Joseph

Volume 54 Issue 2 Winter 2021


Smart Cars, Telematics and Repair (pdf)
Leah Chan Grinvald & Ofer Tur-Sinai

Government Ethics in the Age of Trump (pdf)
Adam Raviv

Prosecuting Executive Branch Wrongdoing (pdf)
Julian A. Cook, III

Publish, Share, Re-Tweet, and Repeat (pdf)
Michal Lavi


Seamen, Railroad Employees, and Uber Drivers: Applying the Section 1 Exemption in the Federal Arbitration Act to Rideshare Drivers (pdf)
Conor Bradley

Volume 53 Issue 4 Summer 2020


Dispossessing Detroit: How the Law Takes Property (pdf)
Mary Kathlin Sickel


Dispossessing Resident Voice: Municipal Receiverships and the Public Trust (pdf)
Juliet M. Moringiello

Tell Me How It Ends: The Path to Nationalizing the U.S. Pharmaceutical Industry (pdf)
Fran Quigley


Eighteen Is Not a Magic Number: Why the Eighth Amendment Requires Protection for Youth Aged Eighteen to Twenty-Five (pdf)
Tirza A. Mullin

Volume 53 Issue 3 Spring 2020


Dignity Transacted: Emotional Labor and the Racialized Workplace (pdf)
Lu-in Wang and Zachary W. Brewster

Revisiting Immutability: Competing Frameworks for Adjudicating Asylum Claims Based on Membership in a Particular Social Group (pdf)
Talia Shiff

Calculating Compensation Sums for Private Law Wrongs: Underlying Imprecisions, Necessary Questions, and Toward a Plausible Account of Damages for Lost Years of Life (pdf)
Michael Pressman


A More Perfect Pickering Test: Janus v. AFSCME Council 31 and the Problem of Public Employee Speech (pdf)
Alexandra J. Gilewicz

Resolving ALJ Removal Protections Problem Following Lucia (pdf)
Spencer Davenport

Volume 53 Issue 2 Winter 2020


“A World of Steel-Eyed Death”: An Empirical Evaluation of the Failure of the Strickland Standard to Ensure Adequate Counsel to Defendants with Mental Disabilities Facing the Death Penalty (pdf)
Michael L. Perlin, Talia Roitberg Harmon, and Sarah Chatt

Dismantling the Master’s House: Toward a Justice-Based Theory of Community Economic Development (pdf)
Etienne C. Toussaint

The City and the Soul: Character and Thriving in Law and Politics (pdf)
Sherman J. Clark

Waiving Federal Sovereign Immunity in Original Actions Between States (pdf)
Sandra Zellmer


Making a Reasonable Calculation: A Strategic Amendment to the IDEA (pdf)
Hetali M. Lodaya

Volume 53 Issue 1 Winter 2020

Age of Unreason: Rationality and the Regulatory State (pdf)
Louise Weinberg

Making and Unmaking Citizens: Law and the Shaping of Civic Capacity (pdf)
Tabatha Abu El-Haj

Searching for Humanitarian Discretion in Immigration Enforcement: Reflections on a Year as an Immigration Attorney in the Trump Era (pdf)
Nina Rabin

Constitutional Cohesion and the Right to Public Health (pdf)
James G. Hodge Jr.; Daniel Aaron; Haley R. Augur; Ashley Cheff; Joseph Daval; Drew Hensley;

Policing Corporate Conduct Toward Minority Communities: An Insurance Law Perspective on the Use of Race in Calculating Tort Damages (pdf)
Dhruti J. Patel

Volume 52 Issue 4 Summer 2019

Jeffrey Levicki
Does a Non-Extreme Answer to Extremism Exist (pdf)

Keynote Address
Sammy Rangel
Keynote Address (pdf)

Symposium Article
Leonard M. Niehoff
Policing Hate Speech and Extremism: A Taxonomy of Arguments in Opposition (pdf)

Symposium Essays
Rebecca J. Marston
Guilt by Alt-Association: A Review of Enhanced Punishment for Suspected Gang Members (pdf)

Anna C. Williford
Blurred Lines: What is Extremism (pdf)

Symposium Transcript
Khaled Beydoun, Nina Mozeihem, & Samuel Bagenstos
Interview with Khaled Beydoun (pdf)

Emily S.P. Baxter
Protecting Local Authority in State Constitutions and Challenging Intrastate Preemption (pdf)

Christian H. Robertson II
Different Problems Require Different Solutions: How Air Warfare Norms Should Inform IHL Targeting Law Reform and Cyber Warfare (pdf)