Volume 47, Issue 3 Spring 2014



Katherine L. Record and Lawrence O. Gostin
What Will it Take? Terrorism, Mass Murder, Gang Violence, and Suicides: The American Way, or Do We Strive for a Better Way? (PDF)

Veronica Root
Retaining Color (PDF)

Anne Yantus
Sentence Creep: Increasing Penalties in Michigan and the Need for Sentencing Reform (PDF)

Tiffany R. Murphy
Futility of Exhaustion: Why Brady Claims Should Trump Federal Exhaustion Requirements (PDF)

Karen Syma Czapanskiy
Special Kids, Special Parents, Special Education (PDF)

Shaakirrah R. Sanders
Making the Right Call for Confrontation at Felony Sentencing (PDF)


Emily Himes Iversen
Invading the Realm of the Dead: Exploring the (Im)Propriety of Punitive Damage Awards Against Estates (PDF)

John Patrick Clayton
The Two Faces of Janus: The Jurisprudential Past and New Beginning of Rule 10b-5 (PDF)