Volume 46, Issue 3 Spring 2013



Ariana R. Levinson
What the Awards Tell Us About Labor Arbitration of Employment-Discrimination Claims (PDF)

Jayesh M. Rathod
The Transformative Potential of Attorney Bilingualism (PDF)

Sandeep Vaheesan
Market Power in Power Markets: The Filed-Rate Doctrine and Competition in Electricity (PDF)

James J. White
Taxing the Platypygous (PDF)

Jennifer L. Pomeranz
Taxing Food and Beverage Products: A New Strategy for Prevention (PDF)


Benjamin Holland Able
Model-Based Pricing in Hurricane Insurance: A Case Study for Judicial Reform of the McCarran-Ferguson Act (PDF)

Allison L. Waks
Federal Incarceration by Contract in a Post–Minneci World: Legislation to Equalize the Constitutional Rights of Prisoners (PDF)