Stewart M. Young
Going Nowhere “Fast” (or “Furious”): The Nonexistent U.S. Firearms Trafficking Statute and the Rise of Mexican Drug Cartel Violence (PDF)

Colleen Baker
The Federal Reserve as Last Resort (PDF)

Gerrit M. Beckhaus
A New Prescription to Balance Secrecy and Disclosure in Drug-Approval Processes (PDF)

Paul Campos
The Crisis of the American Law School (PDF)

Kyle P. McEntee, Patrick J. Lynch & Derek M. Tokaz
The Crisis in Legal Education: Dabbling in Disaster Planning (PDF)


Kelsey Breck
Closing the Regulatory Gap in Michigan’s Public Trust Doctrine: Saving Michigan Millions with Statutory Reform (PDF)

Yariv Pierce
Put the Town on Notice: School District Liability and LGBT Bullying Notification Laws (PDF)